The great revolution in motor transport is riping in Russia! Various simple & effective devices which make possible to reduce motor fuel expenditure on 20-30 percents in heat engines are invented, patented, tested & produced in small amounts by academician Dudishev & his creative board. At the same time these devices reduces toxic exhausts in tens times.
Motor transport is the main culprit of toxic atmosphere dirt in the towns because of motor cargo transportations are the most mass & urgent.
But the modern petrol car engine is not perfect from the ecological point of view & has primitive energetic characteristics.
It’s effectiveness is above 0nly 20 percents. And as motor fuel is rather expensive now & it’s price is constantly rising up so it low effectiveness becomes the real bringing to ruins not only car owners but all of us.
Because of expenditures of high expensive motor cargo & passenger transportation are our usual wastes.
That is why these devices for reduce of motor fuel expenditure will be necessary for all motor cars owners!
Motor transport due to its fuel voracity as usually ruins all of us! We need to pay for their fuel voracity!
But the simple & effective solution of this problem exists — devices for reduce of motor fuel expenditure of academician V. Dudishev!
You will find many interesting & useful materials on the pages of this site, maybe will order some examples for testing on your car.
We are sure that you will like these original devices for your car.
On our site you will find the chapter for investors with interesting proposals. It shows great perspectives for such new business till transferring it to international business & sales of such devices especially in the time of world economical crisis!
Not for expensive petrol that ruining car owners!
We are the great force together!
Sincerely Yours,
Academician, doctor of technical sciences V. Dudishev & creative board https://ecomobile.wordpress.com

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