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Academician Dudyshev about the fast Apocalypse

The Russian scientist V.D.Dudishev for a long time studies the natural phenomena of a planet and
has created the Uniform theory, the theory of the natural phenomena. A special case of this theory
is his newest theory of the Apocalypse, which inevitably will come, in process of development of
inversion of a geomagnetic field of the Earth. Growth of number of the most powerful earthquakes
(Haiti, Japan) in process of increase of inversion (revolution) of a geomagnetic field of the Earth
and global changes of a climate, flora and fauna of a planet for the last some years will be
coordinated with conclusions of the Uniform theory of the natural phenomena. One of the main
conclusions following from this theory inevitability of the Flood and the Apocalypse the nearest years is.

Prophecy of academician Dudisheva on a fast Doomsday, his reasons, attributes and
Ways of a survival of a civilization the Natural geomagnetic machine of a cold of a planet
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  1. Dear audience!
    I welcome you my venerators, opponents, critics & want to advert in this film the very actual problem for all of us – just global changings in nature & coming Apocalypse which is from my point of view is fatal.
    It is well known what great changings & cataclysms are happens in the world: strong earthquakes in Japan, before it on Haiti, floods & many other global events: particularly heat wave, mass loss of birds, animals & so on.
    I want to give my own point of view about the reasons of these changings & to give the forecast of the next events, anomalous events which are approaching in 2001-2012 years.
    Hard times are waiting for our planet. The problem is the inversion. The inversion of geomagnetic field of the Earth is still accelerating. During the last 30-40 years the poles of magnetic Earth fields shift for about on 30 degrees. And according to our estimates the inversion will happen in 2012-2013.
    The problem is that the poles of geomagnetic fields of the Earth are moving on for about one degree per a week. It is easy to look that the whole moving during two years will be for about one hundred degrees. Why is it dangerous?
    Have a look at the diagram. The poles can switch it places by each other. And it will be not the simple changing of poles – the magnetic field will fall out & achieve zero meaning. It is clearly that if magnetic field is equal the zero meaning it would mean the loss of defensive skin of the Earth.
    We can have a look at it on this video. You can see this overturn. And as the result the hard cosmic rays will destroy all flesh. Such predictions were made by some scientists later, or earlier as me & we are coming to the conclusion that it is unacceptably for flesh – complete inversion of geomagnetic Earth fields. The breakdown of the destructive reasons of influence on civilization is not limited by the escaping of safety magnetic field. The case is that we must speak about the reverse of the direction of axial rotation of our planet. Our Earth is the natural electric machine. Nowadays we have a great number of wonderful & alarming facts about expanding of our Earth in the Equator direction are accumulating & as the result of this expanding more are more ckracs appear & they are increasing.
    On this photo one of such faults is shown in the town in Columbia. Such faults appear more & more & such towns are completely desolated. Such events take place not only in the towns but in natural landscapes also, for example, in Africa, in America, Michigan state, China. Here you can see the fault of asphalt where through streams loamy & virylent materials & there are a great number of such examples. The lakes are going underground & so on. The scientists cannot explain such events usually.
    As far as our Earth planet is the natural electric machine so while reverse of magnetic field, its inversion the slowdown of inside planet core arises. And as we knowe, while the slowdown of natural electric machine rotor a great amount of heat energy is standing out. And this heat energy is trying to fing the exit. Namely this energy leads to the the fusion of rocks & other materials. And it starting to outstream & exactly this energy leads to the cracks, great emission of marsh gas & many other virulent gases as in oceans so on the ground.
    Exactly by such reasons we can explain a great number of fixed events of mass losses of mammals, the bird kinds in different countries. And this process is not completed. It is continued. And so this anomalous events: cracks, boiling lakes, emissions of gases – all of these were fixed in Russia.
    For example in our Samara region, where I am living, the lake dissapeared during one hour.
    Near the Penza town was fixed the heating of the ground & toxic gases. Hot geyser appeared near Ufa town . The faults on the bottom of great lake appeared near Miass town. Rough lake appeared near Ekaterihburg. So such processes of faults & heat energy emissions are widespread. So we must find the general reason. And the general reason is the fastening inversion of geomagnetic Earth fields.
    It is known that space observations permit to fix all temprature conditions of any planet surface. And not so long ago american scientists accurately measured the surface temprature & the temprature of interval layers in Yelowstonsky park in America. It is known this park is situated in the region of great spitfire that now is not active. So it was fixed from space, that during the last time the temprature heating of this region increased greatly & some geoscientists gave predictions that is not excluded rise of volcanic scoria to the ground surface that can lead to great emissions of ash that can injure to the great part of America.
    It is known, our Earth planet has its own magnetic field, electric field, ionosphere, ozone layer.
    The natural electricity is fixed as outside the planet and so inside it.
    So we can suppose that our Earth planet is the natural electric machine. Such supposal I offered from the 1984. The first publication in «Tekhnica Molodiozhi» magazine. And then I published many articles in the evolution of this subject. Gradually, while accumulating the facts, its analyses, I postulated The United Theory of natural events of our planet as electric machine.
    In what connection, our planet is the monopolar electric machine so the first experiments with such machine were carried out by Faraday.
    In this case we have electricity output & magnetic field. As the result electroconducting sphere interacting with magnetic field of the Earth & planet rotation happens. In particular ocean currents are also liquid rotor of this machine as activated high atmosphere layers. Such point of viev formed long ago & is reflected in my Theory. Ouring the last ten years while the process are accelerating & serious climate changings are happens that all gave additional food for reflection.
    My modern Theory of the Revelations began to form by this way. According to this Theory we can make the next conclusions:
    As much as our planet is the natural electric machine so after inversion of magnetic field must slow the axial rotation of the planet necessarily.
    Then, after overpass of magnetic field of the Earth across the zero meaning while reverse the planet must begin to rotate in opposite direction. I want to put such model: here the electric lamp is shown. I shall switch on it now. It presents the Sun. And this is our planet. In my theory I explained all process of transformation of solar energy as the sun light to the energy of electromagnetic field of the Earth.
    According to my conciderations, the solar wind stream approaching to the magnetic Earth field, then positive & negative charges separate. So that way the differential of electrical potentials toward Earth surface and its ionosphere appears. It was noticed long ago in winter time when we are closer to Sun on elliptic orbit the tension of electric geomagnetic fields grows up. As much by this is based on temperature fall in winter. The global warming I explain by means of that tension of magnetic field falls & as the result geomagnetic Cold machine works worse. While inverse evolution of geomagnetic Earth fields the climate will become warmer. It logical ouhts from that Theory. Then have a look what happens while sun bursts with Earth planet. From the begining of Tchizhevsky theory these facts were exactly fixed: during solar activity different anomalies arises as natural as social also.
    I want to give an example with Japan. As we know a strong earth shock happened in March, 11, 2011 in this country. How we can explain this earth shock from the point of view of my theory? In March 8 the all-powerfull solar burst happened.
    In a day the solar wind riched magnetosphere & strong geomagnetic storm began & also began enjecting of solar plasma into the Earth magnetosphere that lead to the strong rise of electric field tension. This electric field injected also into the planet & as the result of the additional heating which took place due the slowdown of interval core. The layers there were also strained. And as the result of such strong cataclysm the powerfull breakdowns took place in the measures inside the planet in the layers that were prepared to such processes. As the result the discharges of electricity between layers appeared & involved very powerfull electrical hydraulic impact (Utkin’s effect). And seismic vawe spreads outside. It happened in the region of Japan where this powerfull earthquake appeared that lead later to the human losses & to the destruction in work of nuclear reactors. It is the logical connection between Sun natural electricity with Earth magnetosphere that leads to the very difficult naturals conclusions. The hard fact is that inversion of geomagnetic Earth field accelerating & as the result, & it ougths from my theory, it necessarily leads to the displacement of Earth rotation axis.
    The different story is how quickly will be displace geomagnetic poles of the Earth. If it will be happen with acceleration will take place the next difficult event just as so as the world ocean is an inertial environment so the magnetic axes will move with acceleration & on its heels will move rotation axes so the planet surface can pull out from the ocean. Then this huge body of water will land over the firm ground & will appear a great wave that will mean the moderm Deluge.
    Although I hope, the turn of geomagnetic axis will be fluent. On the basis of my electromechanical theory of natural processes of Earth planet it is possible to draw some another conclusions concerning inversion of geomagnetic Earth fields.
    Here it is a magnetic bar. While inversion will occur the change of poles at that magnetic field will become lower & it is not possible that will reach the lowest value. And at one moment can be equal zero. What is it follows from it?
    The case is that the geomagnetic sphere of Earth is not only the safety shield from hard cosmic rays but in practise keeps the ionosphere & the ionosphere keeps the atmosphere of the Earth planet.
    So, we can easily imagine that if geomagnetic sphere of Earth dissappear will dissappear ionosphere & atmosphere too. And it would become the total loss of all flesh. It is not impossible that the same events took place millions years ago. Some scientists confirm that the same events take place every seven hunded of thousands years.
    More simply we can imagine the Earth as a magnetic bar. What will occur with Earth while inversion continue?
    Here by all means it is the overturning. That is the overturn of the Earth planet.
    I suggest to have a look at the interesting effect in the test which was founded out by cosmonaut Dzhanibekov for about 25 years ago. The essences of this test in the next – any of rotating metallic pieces inside the space ship makes unexpected overturn literally after such distance & continue rotation in the opposite direction.
    “…And male screw makes new overturn. Cosmonaut made the next test blinded from the plasticine. Mail screw is rotating, rotating, then makes the overturn, axes changes…»
    Overturns are continuing later. Plasticine ball is the model of the Earh in space. The unknown external force that makes the ball overturn apparently acts on our planet.
    Dear audience!
    From the point of view of my electromechanical theory of the Revelations we can expect that while the geomagnetic planet axis change on large angle this process will be fastened & Earh will make such overturn on 180 degrees & begin to rotate in the opposite side.
    The reason of these events is situated out of the Earth and out of the Sun. More than likely the reason is in the changing of magnetic field of the Universe & our star system.
    The science don’t know it exactly now. But the result of such inversion we saw & by all means of Dzhanibekov’s effect I showed it as well as on the test with overturn of magnet. These are the possible scripts of contours.

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