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The Natural Geomagnanic Cold Vachine stopping its work — its the beginning of the Revelations

The Natural Geomagnanic Cold Vachine stopping its work — its the beginning of the Revelations
© Valery D. Dudishev
academician, Doctor of Engineering Science
Mail to: ecolog@samaramail.ru

Academician Dudishev is studying for about 25 year’s physical essence of natural events of the planet.
The first his publication on the theme The United Theory of natural events of the planet – is the article “The Earth – is the natural electric machine” was written & published in the magazine “Technika-Molodjozhi” in 1984 year ( number 11-84): http://new-energy21.ru/prirodnyie-yavleniya/planeta-zemlya-prirodnyiy-elektrichesky-motor-generator.html
Setting below as the illustration the drawing that more simply explicating the united electromagnetic interrelation of all natural events of the planet.
During the following years he created edifice United Theory of all natural events of our planet which is based on the detailed study & examination of numerous sun – earth connections.
The United Theory of all natural events of the planet as abstract is exposed by him here;
From this theory ought one urgent & counterintuitive conclusion:
We all together & nature can’t alive without urgent creation of the artificial magnetic Field of the planet.

The content of the article:
— Introduction
— Inversion of geomagnetic field of the Earth.
— How the cold arises of the Earth?
— First tests
— Analogy between auctioning domestic refrigerator & planet refrigerator.
— The reasons of periodic changing of times of year on the Earth planet
— The natural of the process magneto-electric field cooling of materials
— The reason of oceanic streams in World Ocean
— Resume
— Conclusions
— References
— Supplements


Out beautiful planet is full of secrets. Natural events are not near learned.
Their number for many hundreds on our planet: from the very usual & known from the childhood ( water circulation in the nature, axial & orbital rotation of the planet, oceanic streams, wind, atmospheric condensation, times of year) till just exotic fireballs & extremely destructive fireballs ejection geysers, (tremors, dust whirls, tsunamis)
In as much as there is no clearly understanding of essence of various natural events, the united theory of natural events was not created. This article is the attempt to explain the accidence of this theory from the positions of Sun-Earth connections.
The eloquent evidence of this is that nobody in the world can give the correct predictions concerning weather & all the more give the correct predictions to the anomalistic natural events.
The challenge is long – term weather prediction.
Paradox of the situation is what absence of united point of view of numerous natural events.
And although there are many supposals about the regions of different sciences but no one from them can explain all natural events from the single point of view – scientific point.

The inversion of geomagnetic field of the planet & by what it threatens to the civilization.
Inversions of magnetic Earth poles several times took place in the past. Usually it was accompanied by disappearance of the atmosphere. For the Earth it means the thinning of ozone layer & disappearance of shield from solar wind & cosmic rays.
In case of overshoot close fast the life on the Earth can be continued, but suppose the Earth remain without magnetic field for about several years it will mean destruction all living.

Some facts on inversion of GMEF developing
According to the supervision of many scientists presently tension of magnetic field of the Earth is lowering gradually in what connection with flood tide quickening.
During the last 22 years magnetic field of the Earth became weaker on 1,7 % at that in some regions of Atlantic Ocean it became weaker on 10-15% and in some regions became more strong.
Active rebuilding of geomagnetic field of the planet is going on. Removal of magnetic Earth poles was registered as early as 1885 year. Since that time South magnetic pole moved on 900 km in the direction of Indian Ocean & North magnetic pole in the direction of East-Siberian magnetic anomaly. The speed of drift of the poles is for about 60 km per year now, which previously was not observed. Magnetic dipole moment of the Earth in 1970 year was 7,98*10 25 gauss/cm3 ( or 8,3*10 22 a/m2) decreasing during ten years for about on 0,04*10 25 gauss/cm3.
The middle density of the field on the surface is for about 0,5 (5*10 -5T). At the same time global warming of the planet is increasing also.
Conclusion: These two global events are uniquely interdependent!

But how – about it below

How & why the cold is appearing on the planet?
The man of the street will say – because the winter is coming. But more sophisticated reader will say – because less heat the planet is receiving from the Sun. But both these opinions will be too far from the understanding of real reasons for the rotating of seasons on the planet.
In the rotating of seasons is guilty natural geomagnetic-electrical cold machine of our planet & it rejecting to work further & it is very dangerous for the Civilization. In more detail about it below.

Where are the cold poles & cold machine on our planet?
As it known the cold poles on the planet are on the geomagnetic planet poles & namely there were registered maximums of lowest atmosphere temperature on the planet.
Tension of geomagnetic & geo electric fields in the region of magnetic poles on the planet in ten times higher then for example Equator of the planet. That means that the reasons of geographic overlap of geomagnetic poles is not accidental & perhaps it is the result of geomagnetic & electrostatic term effects of cooling of its surroundings, grounds, waters & atmosphere maximum namely on its magnetic poles.
It was exactly established that poles of the cold geographically coincides with geomagnetic & geoelectric poles of the planet. This fact allows understanding why the ice cellars actively begin to melt on the planet poles: because as we know geomagnetic field of the planet is intensively lowering in the connection with the began inversion of geomagnetic Earth field (GMEF).
During the last 400 years tension of GMEF fall down in more then two times. The drift of magnetic poles of the planet continued & this process is gradually gathering momentum. That means that global warming of planet’s climate not evade!
Perhaps everybody remember Hollywood disaster film “The day after tomorrow” – in the reality the situation is much more interesting.
Meanwhile in the sciences concerning Earth for the explanation of periodic changing of year seasons the ancient heat supposal is dominating; the reason of incline is in its elliptic orbit around the Sun. But it cannot explain, for example, the global warming of the climate & became more frequent during the last years global climate anomalies & strengthening volcanic activity of the planet which are characteristic for the last years, particularly the reasons of displacement of magnetic axis of the planet – its overturn & at the same time powerful dissolution of planet polar caps.
The idea of the essential & dominant influence on the planet climate of geomagnetic-electric natural cold machine is explained by me below as so the idea of the interrelation of functioning of geomagnetic cold machine of the planet with the changing of year seasons on the planet.
The main point of my important supposal about electric & electromagnetic reason for changing of the year seasons while its cyclic rotation around sun from the position of natural electricity & natural geomagnetism is explained by me below.

The first tests with magneto-electrical cooling of materials
Many of them were described in my published articles, for example, in the article “New methods of extracting & beneficial use of internal energy of materials”:
Flow-chart of pilot unit for the direct cooling of the materials.


Some more details about physical essence of this magnito-electrocaloric effect below & in supplement. Just in 1990 after several tests on direct cooling of materials without transitional procedures usual to the common refrigerators & experimentally discovered urgent opening concerning magnito-electrocaloric of cooling solids of different nature (air, water, metals) in the strong crossed or separate electrical fields,
Remember, what is it the heating of solids (for example, gauze) from the position of heat molecular theory (which base put M. Lomonosov yet)? It means increasing of kinetic energy of (intensity & frequency) impact of particles of that gauze as affected from heat energy from outside.
However if we lay on this gauze at the same time strong magnetic & electric field particles will become more polarized under the action of potential energy of the field. These particles aliens & are simply vibrating by such polarized connected ranks. It means that collision frequency of individual molecules & atoms is lowering.
So the temperature of material (in our example gauze) is falling. In more details & physics of this event is described in supplement.
Just the same showed my tests with gauzes & liquids. Were tested heating two the same waters volumes (one was previously electrified & was under voltage & second contained simply water of the same volume and the same temperature) with the same quantity of heat. The tests showed that Liquids boiled not in the same time. The question is: what volume of water boiled the first? In equal conditions in the tests boiled usual water. And the water with laid strong electric field was late with boiling (for about in two times!) By means of such electric field & cooled the air. The test was very simple: between two armatures of plane capacitor with voltage for about 20 kV the air cooled on 10-15 C in 5 minutes. For getting more tangible accomplishment it’s necessary at first to do the heat insulator of such air chamber.
What conclusion we can do from these tests?
The analogy of usual refrigerator with natural not usual refrigerator of our planet.
These & other tests show that there is correspondence between functioning of usual electrical refrigerator as heat pump with natural unusual refrigerator of our planet.
The fact is that in the process of receiving & transformation of Sun heat by air and waters of the oceans our planet is not isolated system! Because of all this continuous heating & cooling of waters of World Ocean process flow in constantly changing in size & at times of day’s geo electrical & geo magnetic fields of the planet. And it’s impossible to ignore electro caloric & magneto caloric effects while explaining of air & ocean currents. Certainly it is not easy to understand why our planet is cooling while moving to the Sun on the angled elliptical orbit, but it’s true.
Some scientists, my “everlasting” opponents that demur against my theories simply don’t know with these electro caloric & magneto caloric effects of cooling materials. But it is recorded clearly in the tests.
So the natural planetary magneto electro field refrigerator certainly exists in the nature in oceanic currents, in atmosphere, in effects of cooling all entirely planet (during integral estimate of temperatures of all environments of the planet). It is well known that while moving the Earth to the Sun (at the same time the winter is coming in the North hemisphere) the intensity of magnetic & electrical fields of the planet highly grow.
It is easy to understand & to check: many of us surely noticed that all synthetic materials are shining & cracking even at home.
Magneto caloric & electro caloric effects of cooling air & waters of World Ocean are more expressed just on the magnetic poles of the planet because there the maximum intensity of lines of flux of both these geo fields conversing. It is clearly that as it goes down in their volume & direction the work output of natural geo refrigerator is also changing – it means that it is on down ward trend that conditioning in point of fact the global warming of planet climate.
And on this supposals evidence it is become more understandable why cool centers of the planet are on just on its geo magnetic poles where the maximum intensity of the electrical & magnetic fields of the planet, but not on it geographical poles. Except but the distance between these poles is for about 1000km. And such experimental facts that confirm maximum & lowest temperature records & intensity of these fields on magnetic poles of the planet the science just now has.
The reasons for the beginning of cyclic change of seasons on the planet Earth
We can quite logically suppose that cyclic changing of the seasons on the planet directly depends on productivity of working of this polar natural “refrigerator”. The productivity of such magneto electrical natural refrigerator is also connected with the cyclic changing of its electric charge & the energy of its geomagnetic field. The change of this electric planet charge is connected with different on competence & intensity of solar plasma stream coming in to the geo magneto sphere of the planet & with increasing of power of natural circum global plasma magneto gas-dynamic MHD generator.

The influence of plasma stream from Sun on the Earth planet

The Sun as we known is the powerful source of not only radiative energy but a powerful stream of solar wind continuously affects on all spheres of the planet beginning of its magnetosphere. But affects this powerful stream of natural stream of solar plasma in different ways in different points of elliptic orbit of rotation around the sun.

The fact is that in different points of this elliptic orbit of rotation of Earth around the Sun there are different conditions of capture by magnetic trap by this solar plasma (solar wind).
Inasmuch as in the process of orbital approach of earth to the Sun (in winter)the stream of solar plasma (that is captured by planetary magnetosphere) is growing so as the result of functioning of circumglobal natural MHD-generator in winter the electric charge of the planet is much more than in summer. Global cooling of the planet in winter is coming because of greatly increasing of electric charge of the planet & as the result of growing of tension of geoelectrical field. This effect of thermoelectric-thermo magnetic cooling of the planet while growing of its electric charge & tension of geomagnetic field, to my opinion, is connected with lowering of mobility of electrically polarized molecules of air & water in electric field of giant natural condenser “ionosphere-Earth”.

The physics of electrical field cooling of materials
Strong electric field is electrizing clusters & molecules of materials & at the same time polarize many kinds of materials molecules. It means that electric field by this way actively stops chaotic heat motion of polarized clusters of molecules of the materials inasmuch as they can not move across the lines of flux but along them only.
As the result it leads to the cooling of these materials in such electric fields because it is much more easier tj the molecules to give over plus of motional energy in the form of eradiation then in form of mechanical energy only along lines of flux of electric field.
At that over pluses of heat in the point of fact kinetic energy of heated earlier materials are evolving in the form of direct electromagnetic emission along the electric-field vector. As the result the effect of cooling bodies of materials in the strong & constant electric field can be reached by means of another effect-electromagnetic heat radiation of infrastructure of heated matters.
Along the vector of electric fields While the lowering of heat energy of matters & temperature of matters is also lowering that means that they are cooling, at that as more intensive cooling of matters then higher tension of electric field that effects on these matters. More details about it you can read in the article “The control of heat energy or one more else kind of mechanical energy”: http://www.efir.com.ua/rus/a.php?r=2&d=165

How the geomagnetic natural cold machine is working
Thus, natural electromagnetic fields directly cool all spheres of the planet except but as closer to the geomagnetic pole of the planet & as closer the Earth to the Sun so tension of electro & magnetic geo fields is higher and higher (more actively) the natural cold machine is working & as the result average to the surface temperature – the temperature of all the planet become lower. So that way year seasons on our planet appear or repeat. Whereof we more far on the planet from the Sun thereby it warmer for us because of lowering of this geo fields tension.
However mean while the scientists-geophysics all over the world the principle of working of such geomagnetic cold machine don’t know & don’t understand & that is why they giving incorrect treat the reasons of the year seasons &U the reasons of restructuring of whole geo sphere during the last decades in particular the real seasons of global warming on the planet. There by ignorance of natural events of the planet? – they are “Lumbering” as usually the quilt for the global warming of the planet climate only on industrial factors. But it is very dangerous mistake for the whole civilization because before Judgment Day we have it seems not more than 10 years. And it is necessary for us to perceive & to begin to act 0 to create artificial magnetic field of the Earth – our safety shield & refrigerator.

And this is effectively the single find a hole for the civilization!
There is take note that scientists all over the world don’t understand yet the real reasons for global warming of the climate which lie just inversion of geomagnetic Earth fields (GMEF). Indeed they don’t understand the evident direct linkage between global warming of the climate & lowering of GMEF tension while acceleration of this inversion of GMEF. This process of global warming of the climate is now quite clear & full regular inasmuch as while the inversion of geomagnetic field & moving of magnetic poles of the planet the tension of magnetic Earth field is lowering & also moving natural cold geo machine along surface of the planet.
And that it consistently & steadying stop working during the inversion of GMEF! That means that it necessary to create the artificial refrigerator of Earth!
The Deluge is the close future of Nature & our Civilization.

To prevent Deluge is possible by means of returning & stabilization of all main characteristics of these geo electro magnetic fields of the planet on the previous level.- at less on level as 500-1000 years ago. In the other way the Deluge is fatal, but this Deluge is not the most dangerous. We shall explain about the other results of growing inversion of GMEF below.

The reasons of oceanic streams in the World Ocean
It is well known to all climatologists & naturalists the great influence of global oceanic currents on planet climate. These oceanic currents, for example, Golf stream is greatly changing its direction during the last years but scientist did not understand the reasons of these changing. Let us try to understand the essence & dynamics of reconstruction of these oceanic currents from the position of the United Theory of Natural events. It is quite clear that there is the interaction of salt waters of World Ocean & its electro magnetic fields. What is the essence of this power & other interaction?

The mechanism of appearance of Global oceanic Streams in World Ocean

Let us shortly explain the complex mechanism of motion appearance of Natural battery fluids-waters of World Ocean from the new positions, from my earnest conviction it is natural liquid rotors of Natural electric machine planet Earth.
That is why the waters of World Ocean are moving by namely force of Lorenz-Ampere in crossed natural fields of the planet: in geo magnetic & geo electrical fields along the great number of closed lines.
Their continuous & closed circulation as powerful oceanic currents by the action of temperature gradient (with the evident of intention of refrigerator – water-cooler, heater) is hard to explain. But it quite could & should be explained how these natural & greatly changing of intensity & direction in the process of fastening inversion of geomagnetic field on intensity & direction of these Oceanic currents.
As everybody known, the water in World Ocean is salt. That means that nature gave us itself & free of charge ready aqua system truly in eye-watering. That is why it is quite logically to use this aqueous electrolyte not only for moving of legacy water transport but also for its acceleration by means of magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) hydraulic propulsion units placed along the whole length of the ship.
More details about such hydraulic propulsion units in my article.
Straight-flow reactive fuel free MHD propulsion sources of Dudishev:
As the matter of principle, the effect of directed motion of electrolyte by the electromagnetic force operated on him in crossed in magnetic & electrical fields is well known in the science. Surely, this well known physical effect takes place not only in techniques but in the whole Nature.
It is water tight to confirm that in some natural events the effect of sea water rotation is working.
Synonymous, all global oceanic currents appear & exist as natural flow of this magneto hydrodynamic effect of sea water motion in World Ocean (as the result of action on the huge mass of the Lorenz forces that are rising due to the gliding of circular current in the thickness of natural electrolytes of the Ocean & action on it on geomagnetic & geo electric fields).
As it shown on the Drawing below, Lorenz forces of electromagnetic force impact to solution for the direction of its own impact is in phase quadrate with tensions of direct-current & magnetic field vector.

1. The Global warming of planet climate takes place in the connection with Lowering of magnetic & electrical Earth geofields tension & Lowering of effectiveness of its functioning as natural refrigerator. While fastening of inversion process (overturn) of geomagnetic Earth field takes place the heating of geomagnetic planet surface will increase.
2. While inversion the slowdown of planet Earth will increase tectonic stresses inside the planet that will fatal lead to activation of volcanoes work & tremors.
3. Oceanic currents – the natural Luquid rotors of natural multilayered magneto hydrodynamic electrical machine (World Oceanic of Earth planet). While GMEF inversion – they will change their pathways in full accordance with Laws of electro mechanics.
4. During acceleration of the GMEF inversion will become more & more weaker magnetic field of the Earth & its ionosphere, will grow & Deluge & disappear the atmosphere & ionosphere. As the result will decrease an atmosphere tension & will grow Sun hard rays to the Earth surface.
5. This catastrophic change of the Nature is possible to stop by stabilizing of its geomagnetic field by means creation of artificial geomagnetic field, for example, on the base of Swiss Collide.
6. It is necessary for Civilization to stop catastrophic down fall of geomagnetic field of the planet by means creation of artificial magnetic field & this way to stabilize it. And everything in the Nature again will click into place: natural cold machine will begin to work again, as the result the Deluge would be prevented, will appear defensive magnetic screen of magnetosphere of planet.
7. It is necessary to create the artificial geomagnetic field step by step. To create the general magnetic field for the whole planet will hardly succeed because of extremely high price. We must consider the rational way for the carrying out of such global project the creation of “honeycomb” artificial magnetic field.
8. It is nicely possible to create the United artificial magnetic field which will be consists of separate magnetic combs coordinated each other by vector & range & organized according to the construction principle of cellular communication. On the first stage of realization of global project of creation of the artificial magnetic field of the planet each country can begin to create its own magnet comb. It will be the strongest protective magnetic “umbrella” from Sun hard rays on the great territory.
9. In as much as the intensity of Sun hard rays on the surface of our planet will increase constantly from year it will be quite effectually to create in close future while lowering of natural GMEF the local buildings & individual magnet shields.
Planetary system energetically is not closed & is receiving energy from the Sun. But just influence of geo magnetic & geo electrical fields on the process of heating & exhalation none the less then influence of Sun hard rays. And electric field of the Earth will be radiator mediated by the geomagnetic field (their dipoles doublet on the planet are congruent). That is why the influence of cooling ocean water & air from the strengthening geo electrical field in winter on the heating & exhalation process is not less than influence of Sun hard rays. That is why not to consider this influence of cooling of air & ocean water from strengthening in winter geo electrical field is incorrectly.
While lowering the value of tension of geomagnetic field will increase not only the temperature of the planet but the hard rays to the planet from Sun. an atmosphere pressure will become lower indeed & to all living can much more difficult to breath. Then the atmosphere will disappear which is keeping by the geomagnetic field of the planet. The number of volcanic explosions will increase greatly & they steal the chow all & sky because the internal tectonic stress will increase while its electromagnetic slowdown.
Earlier academician Dudishev proved in his researches & articles that planet Earth is the natural magnetoelectrical machine of direct-current. And now reversing motion of its axial rotation is going on while the overturn of its geomagnetical field. It is not difficult to understand it to them who know something about the theory & practice of direct-current electric machine. To every student of electrotechnical higher school is clear that while changing of the electrical polarity (the direction of the magnetic field on the stator of the electric machine) direct-current will take place reverso (change from one direction of rotation to the converse) the direction of rotation to the connection coming not instantaneously but just through the process of active slowdown with great heat-liberating process in rotor. Just the same is going now with our planet while the inversion of its geomagnetic field. The great internal tension of the planet layers & melt magma will flow to the World Ocean & will begin its great evaporation.
But we, now existing civilization, wouldn’t see that reverse of axial planet rotation & many others growing super catastrophes because we shall die much more earlier. Sun hard rays while great lowering of geomagnetic field will annihilate all of us much more earlier. It is such disappointing geo prediction for the next 10-20 years.
You must make the conclusions yourself.
It is necessary for civilization to stop disastrous downfall of geomagnetic field of the planet by means of creation of artificial magnet field & to stabilize it thereby. End everything will click into place again: natural cold machine will start work again & as the result will stop new Deluge & will appear safety magnetic screen of magnetosphere of the planet again. Such artificial magnetic field is possible to create for example by means of circular current electricity on Swiss Collider if let pass large circular current electricity of power station. This collider in case of creation of such devices on the whole planet quite can create strong artificial magnet field which will save the nature & all of us from death rising hard rays of the Sun and space.

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Nowadays two general methods of cooling are widely being used: compressive & thermoelectric. These methods & others that are well-known use the heat pump principle, that means that the heat is getting from one object to another (on the backwall of refrigerator there is always radiator which is giving the heat collected from the cold store to the environment air). In such a manner, in order to cool something we must something to heat. Turn out to be some not equality: we easily can something to heat & without accompanying cooling of something (heating we without heat pumps in general) but to cool without heating of something we cannot. Why? While heating we increase kinetic energy of cooling entity without increasing it on another entity? Let us contemplate. It is necessary to reduce, to stop the vibration of the molecules of material in order to cool the entity. Perhaps it will be possible to do it by means of special magnetic & electric fields? As it happens possible. But for this purpose it is necessary for molecules to have dipole electric moment. But it is well-known to all of us water. It has very big dipole moment (remember it dielectric capacivity is equal 81). For the evidence water molecule can be imagined as a long baton on the ends of which there are different charges. Let us choose it for the theoretical experiment. Let us take non-metallic capacity in the form of block & fill it with water. In initial condition, all molecules of water accomplish chaotic vibrations in all possible directions along three coordinate positions, circumductions are also possible. The range of these vibrations is temperature of water.
Imagine now, that we enclosed on two different sides of the cube electric field. What will happen? If the field is strong, all the molecules will reorientate & line up along the electric force lines. But the temperature will remain the same because of molecules will inly reorientate & continue vibrating along all three coordinates & electric field doesn’t prevent them. Let us imagine that in that cube to the same sides on which we enclosed the electric field we enclosed the magnetic field else. Let us have a look what will happen with water molecules. Then air motion will be very limited. Let us analyze it (See drawing). All water molecules line up along electric force lines, along axis X. The force lines of magnetic field will be directed as the lines of electric field. Now while heat motion of dipole water molecules perpendicularly to the force lines of magnetic field along axial Y (For example vector V) will appear force moment F1, F2 (Lorentz force), trying to broach the molecules in horizontal plane (See drawing). While motion of the molecule in horizontal plate along axial Z will appear force moment in vertical plate. But electrical field will prevent always to turn molecule that means to stop molecule motion perpendicularly lines of magnetic field.
Therefore in the water molecule remains one degree of Liberty-Vibration along the force lines applied fields, it is axial X. Along all over coordinates the motion will be stopped.
That means that the water temperature will reduce greatly. For further Lowering of the temperature it is necessary to stop vibrating along the force lines else. For this purpose it is necessary to stop vibrating along the force lines else. For this purpose it is necessary periodically with determined frequency interlay magnetic field in parallel to the axial of electric (axial X) with the perpendicular direction (for example – along axial Y). While perpendicular enclosure of magnetic field towards the electrical will happen stop motion of molecules along axial of electrical field (axial X).
In summery, we can stop vibrating of molecules along all possible directions, therefore to cool the subject. We shall spend the energy of electrical & magnetic fields & we shouldn’t heat the environment air in classical refrigerators.



  1. The Natural Geomagnanic Cold Vachine stopping its work — its the beginning of the Revelations
    © Valery D. Dudishev
    academician, Doctor of Engineering Science
    Mail to: ecolog@samaramail.ru
    Prediction of academician Dudishev about destiny of Civilization and Nature


    Flood and the apocalypse: the true causes


    Biography of the scientist-inventor of Academician Dudyshev V.D.




    This effect of somersaults in space effect of Dzhanibekov quite confirms mine the Theory of a close Apocalypse from accruing inversion — revolution of a geomagnetic field of the Earths. To full somersaults of the Earth temporarily (but on the uncertain time, sufficient for killing of all live on a planet including Civilization because in process of increase of these somersaults of the Earth will disappear the magnetosphere and ionosphere and atmosphere of the Earth see above in a forum I already wrote about it.
    Judge for you the Earth is the natural electric machine which rotor the Earth and stator which is above it multilayered and stator which in radiating belts in particular and in a planet ionosphere.

    In any electric the direct current machine can make a backspacing of rotation of a rotor for this purpose it is enough to change a direction of a vector of its magnetic field to example polarity switching of constant terms pressure to it’s the winding excitation.
    If to make it quickly and that and its braking will be fast and the subsequent.
    The backspacing of rotation of its rotor in the opposite side too will be fast and if to do in such electric machine a backspacing of its magnetic field smoothly and the backspacing of its rotor will be too smooth but it will happen it all equally.
    Absolutely precisely it is known by all competent electromechanics!

    Because also our Earth is the unipolar machine of a direct current only the natural means as any unipolar machine of a direct current it now in the course of accruing inversion GMEF too is to same electrodynamics mode it starts to be braked actively in the course of a backspacing its geomagnetic field i.e. on accruing starts to change speed and direction of its axial rotation on the opposite BUT AS THE EARTH INCOMPARABLY HUGE IN COMPARISON WITH THE NUT DZANIBEKOV THIS PROCESS IN TIME IS IMMEASURABLY LONGER.

    It means the Earth is simply obliged overturn that means to do a backspacing of the axial rotations to the opposite in case of a backspacing of its revolution GMEF of change on 180 degrees a vector of an axis of a geomagnetic field.

    To prevent these full somersaults of a planet and DESTRUCTION of the CIVILIZATION FROM AS WELL AS MAMMOTHS EARLIER it is necessary to compensate it urgently decreasing of geomagnetic field of the Earth turning over on a sign in the course of GMEF inversion.
    That is why in order to rescue the whole world also it is necessary to create the operated artificial GMEF.

    Why and when it will occur more in detail here in my articles under references:


    Prediction & prognosis of Academician Dudishev:

    Video message to Civilization from Academician Dudishev:

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