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Biography of the scientist-inventor of Academician Dudyshev V.D.

Dudishev D. Valery was born in 1948 year in the family of servants in Samara on the bank of the Volga River. He finished school with gold medal & graduated Technical University & postgraduate studies with red diploma with specialty of electrician. He defended Candidate of Science on theme «Autonomous electric power industry» in St. Petersburg(CIAP) – in 1987 year & and defended doctoral thesis on secret theme « Autonomous electric power industry of special installations».

Young candidate of science before defending thesis of a Candidate of Science.

Dudishev Valeriy is a defender doctoral thesis, Academician of REA (ecology), RAMTS, scientist, professional inventor, specialist diplomat of patenting & theory of solving inventing tusks,- revelation of collisions & paradoxes with following advancing of creative ideas for their overcoming. He is also professional inventor, an author of more then 300 inventions. He has special delicate felling & nontraditional decision of various scientific & technical tusks as well as global problems of our civilization in the fields of natural history, ecology, and cosmonautics, energetic.

As we can see, he is nonstandard scientist – talented popularize & active agitator of science & new ideas. Especially he is close to the area of electro physics & electro mechanics. He published more than 300 articles & reports, has many interesting inventions in different technical spheres, he is author of about 200 registered inventions, present oneself as a founder of many new directions in science: in global ecology, non-conventional energetic, firing technologies in heat & electric devices.

He is developer of new electro physical theory of natural phenomenon which he explained on the base of sun – earth electromagnetic connections, their common base throw the electromagnetism & natural electro mechanics. Dudishev offered means of controlling acts of nature, for instance, how to prevent tornado, earth shocks, burning mountains, etc. He offered fuel-free on orbit cosmonautics of the base renew energy of natural electricity. Practically new electric firing technology of clear burning of materials was set up. A new phenomenon of vector controlling of pressure of burning mix was opened.
And for the first time was base the Principe of sway of electro-heat gases strike on piston in heat engines which is very important for engine-building.

Young assistant professor – oncoming academician (36 years old).

This scientist has numerous patents & publications in federal magazines. And also ecologically clear & energetically perfect heat engine which was patented on the base of his (Dudishev) foundation in burning physics. Area of his scientific & invention interests is very wide – natural science, geophysics, planetary astronomy, meteorology, cosmonautics, electro physics – control of burning, electrical engineering, plasma physics, heat &electric engines, ecologically safety technologies in energetic production & oil refining, every non traditional energetic – wind power, space energetic, ecology (especially global, industry, human, the ecology of transport), new alternative energy sources. He is active developer of theoretical & practical determination of invention tusks, participant of many international symposiums, congresses, exhibitions on the subjects of ecology.

Academician Dudishev speaking about his devices for fuel economy on Samara TV – in may 2010.

Academician Dudishev speaking about his inventions and technologies on Samara TV – in December 2009.

Valery D. Dudishev during many years fruitfully combined magisterial activity in University with being the Charge of student’s science in Technical University. He has pedagogic talent & faculty to captivate any student’s audience, as well as young teammates & workfellows, by his unorthodox ideas & unusual inventions. Due for these reasons young assistant professor enjoyed respect & sympathy.
How the young assistant professor became natural scientist creator of alternative engine machines

Everything started from 1983 year, when Valery Dudishev the young assistant professor, candidate of science in the area of electro mechanics all at once found the article of one inventor in the magazine «Izobretatel & rationalizator».
This article named «Offer a new science». An author at bottom offered nothing, but paid attention on the correlation between strange phenomenon of nature with civilization activities. Valery understood quickly that correlation can be explained by means of influence of natural electricity & earth magnetism. And soon he managed to explain how this natural electricity appears & how we can use it in energetic production. In particular in orbit cosmonautics where Dudishev engaged actively as scientist & inventor. That way non-fuel orbit cosmonautics appeared gradually.
Reports of assistant professor Dudishev on space energetic in academician institute of USSR

But however he nearly left the position of assistant professor because of his strong devotion for non-fuel cosmonautics which he deal with from1984 year, because of rector of Samara Technical University, professor Samarin U.P. considered Dudishev’s ideas too mad. That is way in order to check these ideas recommended scientist to address in some in some academician institutes with reports. And Dudishev addressed reports in some academician institutes. For example, in Petersburg in 1986 year in VNIIELECTROMASH, where was the branch of USSR Academy of electro mechanics.

That branch of Academy gave positive recommendation first for non-fuel orbit cosmonautics. On the whole, assistant professor Dudishev got for about 10 positive recommendations from different Academician institutes on the themes of space energetic & non-fuel orbit cosmonautics. Following which, he addressed reports in Moscow Energetic Institute of Krzhizhanovsky & St. Petersburg Academician Physical Institute of Ioffe & many others institutes. Valery Dudishev got many positive reviews on this non-fuel orbit cosmonautics, working models which he had shown to many academicians and science gurus.

He has reports on these works for the chance if it wood be necessary… After that value of young assistant professor rise greatly in his own native Samara University. A student design bureau was organized especially for the themes of his works & set him an irreplaceable leader. Then he began to work on these ideas according scientific contracts & initiative in design bureau, made by means creative groups working models. But perestroika stopped that works, because finished financing of that advanced works.

Academician Dudishev is an author creator of non-fuel orbit cosmonautics & continuer of concernments of Tsiolkovskiy & Korolyov.
Scientist Dudishev during Perestroika

Global market relationships grew in Russia & Valery Dudishev as active & inquiring man took part in this process & became some more rich. But he returned to science soon, particularly to Energetic & Ecology. All the more go ecological problem seen to become more urgent & there was nobody to set them up. That is why Valery Dudishev was the scientific leader of regional ecology programs not at once, where for about 100 men & some devices were started up into serial production – devices for reducing of fuel consumer & ecological clearing of exhaust gases of motor transport.

Scientist-experimenter Valery Dudishev trains motor car to function clear & charily.
Reports on motor novelties.
How Valery Dudishev became famous ecologist & ecological academician

Designed & filled some simple devices – motor novelties to any serial motors: swirling mixers, fuel activators, unique tuning spark plugs, Dudishev spark plugs on the whole allow the motor car to became twice more effective & by one order ecologically clear. You can agree that this problem is very urgent & necessary for millions of automobilists & townspeople which are asphyxiating because of toxic smog. The inventor-scientist’s mind levitate again & began to create as usually & new ideas appeared & new inventions & soon new important creative & experimental results in scientific career appeared, firstly in deciding ecological problems in motor transport. For these achievements scientist was honored Academic rank academician of ecology & has got some academician diploma of some public academies – REA, RAMTS. His diplomas were signed by academician RAS Yanshin & others.

Scientist-ecologist & Great Russian River Volga.
Edison from history & new Edison from Samara.
The talents in Russia exist- uniquely!

Why worse our Valery Dudishev then Edison?
Edison is famous all over the world but talented scientist-inventor Valery Dudishev is known by small group of specialists. We sure that such attitude to talented Russian scientist – is doubly! Edison was nearly illiterate & not a scientist but persistent experimentalist & talented inventor & how he managed to celebrate himself & America! For what reason our Dudishev is worse? The main idol & a teacher of Valery Dudishev were & is the great genius Nicola Tesla. Valery Dudishev is his talented pupil & continuer of ideas & technologies of Nicola Tesla.
The main scientific & technical achievements of academician Dudishev
He proposed a new electric-fire technology of clear burning of any fuels & withdrawals.
Were proposed & developed non-fuel energetic systems of orbit cosmonautics.
Were developed by him & implemented devices for reduce of fuel expenditure in heat energetic & fuel transport.
Were developed & tested some methods & devices of alternative non-fuel energetic.
Were proposed & tested method & devices for non contact electric extinction of wildfires.
Academician Dudishev created one Whole Theory of natural phenomenon of our planet.
On the ground of this Theory he offered methods & devices for lowering & preventing of various spontaneous natural phenomena’s (tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)
On the ground of this Theory he newly explained of Global warming & speedy Apocalypse. Academician Dudishev offers to create artificial magnetic field of Earth for Saving nature & civilization. The natural geo magnetic planet cool producing machine is stop working. Prediction of Academician Dudishev.
The main patents of Dudishev’s inventions.

The working day of Academician

Scientific works of Academician
The main features of Dudishev’s character & personality

Academician Dudishev – is unusually comprehensive creative personality. He is also frank for kindly conversation interesting man, talented science & techniques popularize, public personality. All men, who conversed often & comprehensively with V. Dudishev in human & worldly sense during different periods of his life, or in business sense or in the sense of scientific & technical questions, distinguish various positive & attractive features. A main feature of his personality is his brotherhood who now he well listed below.

Namely him as extra ordinal creative successful purposeful personality is very typically the next: strong animalism & born optimism, goodwill & attention to people, sociality ,go a headedness & commercial talent, wonderful sense of humor, sincere affection to the Nature & science, in born observation & desire to knowing the world, quick mind & free from prejudices, great hard worker, ability to carry points & great will to victory, striving & skill to overcome various objective & subjective obstacles & hardships of daily living, inborn creative imagination, the ability to generating & defending new creative ideas, how wild & unusual they seemed to his persistent opponents. Except his level intellect & his experiences namely his cutting humor ( but on the whole kindly) always help him in everyday conversation with people & that is his secret & strong weapon in complicated dialogues with specialists & critics-dogmatic & not accordant opponents with his revolutionary ideas & technologies.

Sociability & sincerity in conversation practically with everybody especially with brotherhood & fellows in arms, loyalty & tendency to understand different opinions in conversation with opponents &critics of his numerous wonderful paradoxical ideas & developments, love for experience, advanced during the long period of scientific work rare abilities to simple experimental verification of his own & foreign ideas, high working ability, independent & flexible thinking, love to music & painting.
He likes to have a rest in posse, especially outside, true Russian, habitant of Volga River with wide & sincere soul. He loves Russian songs & sometimes hit it up himself. He plays on accordions for inspiration sometimes, sings good Russian songs, not bad dance – his rhythmic & plastic arts are good because he is formerly master of sports in track (all-around).
In one word, Valery Dudishev is clever, communicative, is fun to be with on every label & in every posse, he is not “cracker of science”. He is our man! We, his fellows in arms& brotherhood love & value him for these his qualities.
We wish his the great human happiness, health, & new creative performances for good of the community.

Valery Dudishev about himself.

The soul is singing, the heart is crying! – Inspiration of genius of science.

Scientist-inventor Dudishev on the River Volga walk, June, 2010.
The history of making of world level scientist.
Ever burning creation of Dudishev in science & techniques

The book about thorny & winding pathway of scientist & honored inventor of Russia in science & techniques is not written but everything is in advance. Such book surely would be interesting to many readers because it would give the description about life experience of many years creation in science, many interesting & educative for youth that going to science & sensitive to the new ideas. Such book about outstanding scientist & professional inventor of Russian Federation would be reflection of all inventions & revelations of scientist which checked in various exciting, instructive & sometimes curious & funny experiments. Except this his experiments & interviews sometimes are demonstrating on Russian TV & Radio, some video films exist – in laboratories & university.
About Valery Dudishev in Vikepedia

The first attempts to create encyclopedia of his inventions & revelations are on some Internet sites devoted to his scientific & technical creation work.

Academician Dudishev have just made great contribution to the world science & techniques & now it simply necessary to blow up on these new attainments which he got to the wide world society. That means that is necessary their active propaganda in order make much more popular his important all over the world ideas, inventions, important & useful developments of talented original Russian scientist-inventor & certainly in native Russia. Only in that case his achievement in science & techniques would be demanded & will help to make our world more harmonious & improve the life of whole mankind & to save planet Nature indeed. Together we are strong only!

There are no limits to perfectness!



  1. Biography of the scientist-inventor of Academician Dudyshev V.D.




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