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Academic Dudyshev


The natural geomagnetic machine cold planet ceases to work as an inversion of the geomagnetic field
Deluge — certainly not the only important consequence for the whole of nature and all of us
We are waiting for an early Apocalypse.
More information about this why and how this happens — the author explains below
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Academic Dudyshev already for 25 years studying the physical nature of the natural phenomena of the planet. His first publication on the unified theory of natural phenomena on our planet, the article «Earth — the natural electric car» was written and published in the journal «Technology towards the youth» in 1984 (TM number 11-84 PM) During this time he created a coherent theory of all natural phenomena of our planet based on a thorough study and analysis of many complex solar-terrestrial relations
. From this unified theory of natural phenomena follow a very important findings in the current period — in connection with the progressive inversion GMPZ.
The natural geomagnetic machine cold planet ceases to work as an inversion of the geomagnetic field
World Flood — is not the only important implications for all nature and all of us
We are waiting for an early Apocalypse — but there is a chance to stop it, by creating an artificial geomagnetic field.
More information about this why and how this happens — the author explains below
How does the cold on the planet?
First experiments
Analogy with the planet cooler
The reasons for the changes of the seasons on Earth
Physics of the electromagnetic field cooling agents
Causes of ocean currents in the oceans



Our beautiful planet is full of mysteries. Natural phenomena are not known. They numbered many hundreds of our planet: from the most ordinary and familiar to all from childhood (the water cycle in nature, the axial and orbital rotation of the planet, ocean currents, wind, rainfall, seasons), to the most exotic phenomena (volcanic geysers, fireballs ) and highly destructive (earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis). And as yet no clear understanding of many phenomena of nature in the world has created a unified theory of natural phenomena. This paper is an attempt to explain the basis of this theory from the perspective of many complex Solar — Terrestrial Relations.

Vivid proof of this assertion is that the world can not yet give accurate weather forecasts and to predict abnormal natural phenomena. Also, the problem remains and long-term weather forecast. The paradox of this situation is that although the hypotheses about the causes of natural phenomena in a variety of earth sciences are many, none of them can not explain all natural phenomena with a unified position. Often known hypotheses are not only are not correlated, but rather contradict each other. In addition, the accumulation of huge amount of new data about the planet on the basis of geophysical and space research, many previous hypotheses and theories to explain natural phenomena is clearly outdated and came into conflict with new experimental data.

How does the cold on the planet?

As is known, the pole of cold on the planet is at geomagnetic poles of the planet and on them and fixed absolute maximums at low temperatures of the atmosphere of the planet. Geomagnetic and geoelectric fields in the areas of magnetic poles of the planet are orders of magnitude stronger than, for example, at the equator of the planet. Hence, the reasons for the geographical coincidence of the geomagnetic poles of the planet, with its extremes of cold — not accidental and, apparently, is a consequence of geomagnetic and electrostatic cooling thermo effects of media, soil, water and the atmosphere is at its maximum magnetic poles.

It is well established that the poles are cold geographically coincide with the geomagnetic and geoelectric poles of the planet. This fact allows us to understand why start now actively melting ice at the poles of the planet: it is known, the geomagnetic field of the planet now, the intensity decreases due to the onset of the inversion of the geomagnetic field of the Earth (GMPZ).

Over the past 400 years, tensions GMPZ fell more than doubled, continuing drift of the magnetic poles of the planet and this process is gradually gaining momentum. So global warming on the planet can not escape! Probably everyone remembers the Hollywood film-catastrophe «Day After Tomorrow» — in fact the real situation is even more interesting. While in the Earth sciences to explain the cyclic change of seasons is dominated by the ancient thermal hypothesis: the cause of inclination of the axis of rotation of the planet in its elliptical orbit around the Sun. However, it can not explain, for example, global climate anomalies in recent years, in particular global warming and melting polar caps powerful planet.

The idea of the influence on climate of the natural geomagnetic machine cold and the relationship of different productivity of the natural geomagnetic machine cold planet with the seasons on Earth are the basis of following my hypothesis about the electrical and electromagnetic because of seasonal changes on the planet when it is cyclic rotation in an elliptical orbit around the Sun with position of natural electricity and natural geomagnetism.
First experiments

Back in 1990 I made the experimental discovery electrocaloric effect of cooling bodies of different nature (air, water, metals) in strong electric fields. With a warming of the body (eg, gas) from the position of the molecular theory of heat (the foundations of which, by the way laid more Lomonosov)? This increase in kinetic energy (intensity and frequency) of collisions of particles of the gas under the action of a heat energy from outside. However, if this gas at the same time impose a strong electric and magnetic field, under the action of the potential energy of the field particles become polarized, to stand in rows and simply fluctuate so polarized coupled ranks. Ie number of collisions of individual molecules and atoms to each other decreases. This means that the body temperature (in this case gas) falls! More physics of this phenomenon is described in the appendix.

This is what showed my experiments with gases and liquids. The experiments consisted in heating of two identical vessels with volumes of water (one of which had previously been electrified and are under stress, and the second ordinary water the same volume and the same initial temperature), the same amount of heat. As it turned out during the experiments, the liquid boiling far at the same time. Question: what is the water boils first?
In the experiments, first boiled with other conditions being equal ordinary water. The water, which was imposed strong electric fields, is substantially delayed with boiling (approximately twice!). Also, the electric field, and I cooled the air. This experiment is very simple: between the two plates of a plane capacitor with a voltage of about 20 kV air for 5 min cooled to 10-15 degrees. To obtain more tangible results in this experiment, we must first make the insulation of such air tank. What follows from these experiments?
Analogy with the planet cooler

From the experiments that the planet is in the process of receiving and converting the air and waters of the oceans heat from the sun — not a closed system! Because the entire process of heating and cooling of the World Ocean waters at all latitudes occurs in a continuously changing in magnitude and time of day geoelectric and geomagnetic fields of the planet. And do not take into account electrocaloric and magnetocaloric effect in explaining air and ocean currents simply can not.

Opponents simply not familiar with these magnetic electrocaloric cooling effect. So the natural planetary magneto-Electric field «refrigerator» certainly exists in nature, and in ocean currents and atmosphere, and the cooling effect of the entire planet in full (with integral estimate the temperature of all the media world). It is well known that when approaching the Earth to the Sun, (just at this time and winter is in the Northern Hemisphere) the magnetic and electric fields of the planet to grow substantially. It is easy to understand and check: Many of you probably noticed that all the synthetics in the winter glows and crackles even at home. Magnets and electrocaloric effects of cooling air and ocean waters is more pronounced in the magnetic poles of the planet, because there is maximum tension power lines, both of these fields converge at one point.

Here’s why Cold Planet centers are located on its magnetic poles, where the maximum electric field and magnetic field of the planet, rather than on the geographical poles. And the distance between these poles of the Earth more than 1000 km. And these experimental facts supporting the record highs and the low temperature strength of these fields on the magnetic poles of the planet the science already exists.
Causes and cyclical alternation of the seasons on Earth

It is logical to assume that the cyclic change of seasons on the planet depends directly on the productivity of this natural polarity of the refrigerator. Performance of the magneto-electric natural refrigerator is also linked with cyclic changes in its electrical charge and energy of the geomagnetic field. Changing this electric charge of the planet due to the different power and intensity of the flow of solar plasma entering the geomagnitosferu planet and increasing the power of natural near-Earth plasma MHD generator.

The impact of the plasma flow from the Sun on the Earth

The fact that different points of elliptical orbit of Earth around the Sun have different trapping conditions of the Earth’s magnetic trap solar plasma (solar wind). Since the orbit approaching the Earth to the Sun (winter) increases the flow of solar plasma trapped in the magnetosphere of the planet, then as a consequence of the near-earth nature of the MHD generator in the winter the electric charge of the planet is much more than in summer. Global cooling the planet at this time winter comes as a result of significantly increasing the electric charge of the planet and as a result of rising tensions geoelectric field. This effect is a thermoelectric-thermomagnetic cooling of the planet with the growth of its electric charge and the geomagnetic field, in my opinion, is associated with lower mobility of electrically polarized molecules of air and water in an electric field is a huge natural capacitor ionosphere-Earth «.
Physics of Electric field cooling agents

The strong electric field electrifies clusters and molecules and simultaneously polarizes many types of molecules of substances. Hence, the electric field, thereby actively inhibits the random thermal motion and polarized clusters and molecules of these substances because they can not move across the lines of the electric field, but only on them. This eventually leads to the cooling of these substances in the electric fields, because the molecules are now more profitable to pay the excess kinetic energy in the form of radiation than in the form of mechanical motion in the motion only on the power lines of the electric field.

This excess heat, and in fact the kinetic energy of the heated substances previously, are provided in the form of electromagnetic radiation directed along the vector electric field. It turns out that the effect of cooling of bodies and substances in a strong constant electric field is achieved at the expense of another effect — the electromagnetic thermal radiation from the internal structure of hot substances on the electric field vector. As the reduction of thermal energy substances falls and the temperature of substances, ie they are cooled, and the more intense the higher the electric field that acts on these substances. More information can be found in the article «Management of thermal energy, or another form of mechanical energy»

What we are closer to the sun, the machine is working harder and cold temperatures all over the ball below. What we are farther from the sun, so we warmly. While scientists worldwide Geophysics yet the mechanism of natural geomashiny cold is not understood, and therefore quite wrong to interpret the causes of the seasons of the Earth and causes of global warming. Moreover, they do not see a direct connection to global warming with a reduction of tension GMPZ. This process is natural, because as the inversion of the magnetic poles GMPZ initially hinders magnetic field of the Earth.
Causes of ocean currents in the oceans

Ocean currents in the oceans — are natural rotors natural electric machine of the planet Earth. Therefore, the World Ocean water moves Lorentz force, Ampere in crossed fields of the natural world: its geomagnetic and geoelectric field. Their continuous and closed circulation in the form of powerful ocean currents only under the influence of the gradient of temperature (with the introduction of the concept of the cooler-radiator and heater) is difficult to explain.

It is known that water in the oceans and in virtually all seas of the planet is salty. That is the nature of our own free and ready to give an aqueous solution of electrolyte is truly grand scale. It is therefore logical to use this water electrolyte is not simply to move the outdated water transport, as well as its acceleration by magnetohydrodynamic water-jet propellers placed almost the entire length of the water vessel. In principle, the effect of motion of the electrolyte by means of electromagnetic force acting on it in crossed electric and magnetic fields has long been known to science (Figure)

I think that in some natural phenomena, the effect of rotational motion of water works too. For example, all of the global ocean currents arise and exist as a natural manifestation of this effect the movement of sea water in the oceans (as a result of exposure to the huge mass of sea salt water of the Lorentz force arising from the circular flow of electric current in the thick of the natural electrolyte that the ocean and the impact on his geomagnetic and geoelectric fields). As shown in Fig. Lorentz force, electromagnetic force action on the electrolyte in the direction of its impact is in quadrature with the DC voltage and magnetic field vector.
1.Globalnoe warming of the planet is in connection with a reduction in the magnetic and electric Geo Earth and the decline in their performance as a natural refrigerator, with the acceleration of the process of inversion (the coup), the geomagnetic field of the Earth (GMPZ)
2.Po as inversion GMPZ will increase the inhibition of the Earth and growing internal tectonic stress inside the planet, which will inevitably lead to the revitalization of volcanoes and earthquakes
3.Okeanicheskie flow is a natural liquid rotors natural multilayered magnetohydrodynamic electric machine-Oceans of Planet Earth. As the inversion GMPZ — they will change their trajectory in full accordance with the laws of electromechanics.
4.Po the acceleration inversion GMPZ-will increasingly weaken its magnetic field, ionosphere and — increase the Deluge and disappear, and the ionosphere and atmosphere planety.Kak investigation starts to fall the pressure of the atmosphere and increase the hard radiation of the sun on the surface of our planet.
5. These catastrophic for civilization changing nature can be stopped only by the stabilization of the geomagnetic field by creating an artificial geomagnetic field, for example, through the Swiss Collider.
… … … … … ..


The planetary system of energy is not closed and receives energy from the sun. But it is the influence of geomagnetic and geoelectric fields on the processes of heating and evaporation of no less than the effect of radiant energy of the sun. And a radiator for cooling of ocean waters is precisely the electric field of the Earth, mediated by the geomagnetic field (their dipoles on the planet are the same). Therefore, this effect of cooling air and water of the oceans by increasing winter geoelectric field on the processes of heating and evaporation of no less than the effect of radiant energy of the sun. So do not take into account this influence of cooling air and water of the oceans from increasing winter geoelectric field correctly.

By decreasing the value of the geomagnetic field will increase not only the temperature of the planet, but also a strong radiation at the planet from the sun. Moreover starts to fall and atmospheric pressure, and all living things will be much harder to breathe. Next will disappear atmosphere, which is held through the ionosphere geomagnetic field of the planet. Volcanic eruptions will be more and they outshine all the sky, because the tectonic stress increases the internal world as its electromagnetic braking.

Earlier in the academician Dudyshev your findings and proved that our planet Earth-natural Magnetoelectrical machine DC.

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