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Climate, energy, science, politics, CIVILIZATION AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP

Climate, energy, science, politics,

Dudyshev V.D, academic environment
Russia, Samara


mob. 8927726 1923 1983

Acute polemical discussion paper on the global problems of civilization, climate, possible causes and ways to address them for the benefit of all.

Every year we are more and more we understand the nature of things and the mysteries of Nature. But the paradox is that this new knowledge we have — Terran problems is unbroken. Since, in our opinion, these new skills while incomplete and often directed against ourselves.
The dream of a bright future of mankind

Let’s dream about the bright future of civilizations: Be on the planet Earth unified management of all intelligent life and civilization are taking place through natural processes — that mankind would have long become truly free, happy, able not just to create, and carry your mind to other worlds.

But in order to capture some new markets, creating an army of slaves and bring other «charms» of civilization that our planet has known in our own experience of Christmas, but to knowledge of the universe, and her mind! But civilization is far from perfect and that’s what we have today.
The stark reality PROBLEMS Civilization and its true reasons

What is happening today with civilization?

Each State to «hide» in his «shell», creating not only customs but also language problems, creating even their religion, their culture. And if all this set aside? What will change? It’s great if all people will be understanding, mutual support, complete freedom from today’s daily «junk okolorabskogo being.» You immediately think — so this is a utopia. And ask yourself: «What will happen eventually, and who would we have all the» upper hand «: in fact the majority of earthlings modern civilization until the firm» strikes like «in the minds of the rule: the need» to be under someone «Is it not so ?

Is it possible to be in public «without a shepherd»: for then the whole «fold» go drunk and the shepherd will have nothing to do and have to be equal with everyone! Our consciousness No such can not afford. That sharpened «leading» and «followers» of the state in maintaining a constant «independent» status by any means!

And what they are today, these funds? What davleet over us all?
The answer is simple: the climate and energy.

The fact that all known sword in the form of nuclear or chemical weapons. This was tested and paid millions of lives. For what? Rather: Who? Nuclear weapons appeared in many subjects. Already waving a baton is not very pleasant: waved, talked, and suddenly get myself, and even before you can «dodge»!

We in this article, based on their observations and reflections done with caution the supposition that we manipulate in different ways and continue to try these methods to analyze and reasonable justification.

It is clear to everybody that a new world war is not to commence any vyigrat.Vot and seek the powerful new approach to the management of country people: there’s a lot of ways but the most effective lever — a world power with energy. The principle here by countries — energy supplier is simple: you can always say: let \ not give!

But … but this is energorazdatochnoy policy while in the world «is» without punishment, because they understand everything and know at the domestic level of consciousness that we must pay for energy and fuel, or winter and can be frozen, but even worse — get up industry, transport and millions tons of water will not appear in the big cities.

And this is not good! This is a disaster, especially in modern cities. But the game with energy though almost obvious, though, while certainly not proven and that is why they do not punishable.
World Games with global weather

And now that if you set some unusual weather in a certain predetermined locations of the planet. This weather is very bad for people and nature — nothing leverage over the people and government of the country, weather and natural disasters, and began a long time it occurs, and only then try to prove that such weather situations created man-made!

And considering the millions of tons of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, emitted in the form of CO2, CO and other chemical compounds in the form of solid and unburned particles of sulfur dioxide and the full range of pipes, cars and factories, then it becomes a mystery (for the layman) causes occurrence of tornadoes, storms and hurricanes in those places where it never was! That’s below the «veil» can be «slightly» is not quite amenable to spite a neighbor or a neighbor, but who did not want to provide, such as its territory to be placed on it a kind of base, or even «the Institute» …

And this is applicable to the category of environmental problems: you can not prove that man-made tornado, tsunami, or the same as before the animals themselves by their conduct did not «predict» the risk and fall into the mouth of disasters like this, «suddenly.» In this regard, an interesting fact that 27 — April 28, met in Washington the 17 largest economies in the world in preparation for the Forum to the leading economies in the world climate, which will be held in Italy in July.

During the meeting, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has unequivocally stated that the issue of climate change has become a central priority of American foreign polititiki. Suffice it to recall that during the Reagan part of the «Star Wars» has been running the High Frequency Active Auroral Research High — frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP). This system was deployed in the GOK (Alaska). Radiated powerful radio waves into the upper atmosphere caused abnormal weather. Therefore we can not focus on global warming, about which so many people write the same American sources.

We know well that in 1962 — 1983 years of the project «tempest» (Project Stormfury) in the U.S., experiments were conducted on the management of hurricanes. At one time we wrote about Hurricane Katrina.

We have shown that one reason for its inception was that the powerful American radar stations in Alaska, Greenland and Norway (used for monitoring the entire space of Russia up to Beijing!) With its side lobe converged on the waters of the Caribbean.

And since the atmosphere over Florida was, and remains saturated emission vehicle engines (layered «cake»), or between layers under certain conditions, there is «unauthorized» movement of electrostatic charges, there are electromagnetic vortices, which carries with it the air masses. And this is not the movement of air, as occurs in nature. These masses of air moving at enormous speeds (more than 12 — 15 m / s) is causing the ocean surface (sea) water particles.

And this is CAVITATION!

There is a warming of the upper surface of the water (it is noted in the press), there are additional rising air, which added to the already existing ones. Establishment of a new air currents, previously unknown as the direction and speed.

The result — known: there is now a city of New Orleans.

And if direct these high-radiation and summarize their points over the fracture surface of the earth? For example, the same storms over the Gomel region (Belarus). They break and sending their radiation in this region can be obtained is not quite New Orleans, a very powerful hurricane and a tornado: the interaction of radiation fault with artificial radiation. But what is there fault — historically known for the Chernobyl disaster.

A tsunami off the coast Malaysia? There’s even enough to power a nuclear submarine propulsion plant to cause a tsunami! It is enough for 2 — 3 mm lift donnuyu platform. And no one seismic station not previously registered it «phenomenon.» And how people reacted the same elephants at this terrible tsunami? They felt danger only when the tsunami wave was moving to shore!

What are the true causes of global warming, the coming apocalypse and how to prevent the approaching end of the world.
FLOOD — It’s close to civilization PERSPECTIVE
What are its Causes and How to stop it

As long as civilization does not understand the relationship began geomagnetic reversal with global warming of the planet.
OUR conclusion is

The main reason for global warming of the planet lies precisely in the progressive inversion of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, while the rapid decrease in the geomagnetic field of the Earth.

Global warming is gaining momentum — the Arctic ice is rapidly melting.

So far, none of the natural scientists in the world, except academician Dudysheva, in fact did not clearly understand what the true causes of global warming is the geomagnetic field and the machine is a natural cold planet. And in the end the world’s scientists wrong yet explain the causes of global warming of the planet, connecting them with man-made factors and the greenhouse effect. As a consequence, while offering the wrong methods of preventing global warming. This is an unacceptable confusion of scientists can lead to the death of civilization!

And the main reason of this terrible phenomenon of climate warming of the planet which developed gradually during the Deluge, is in our opinion, is to reduce the planet’s geomagnetic field (GMPZ) and start and growing at the rate of inversion GMPZ.

The direction of the electromagnetic field of the Earth is cyclical changes (inversion of Geomagnetism field of the planet) with a variable period of 250,000 years or more. The last time this switch occurred 780,000 years ago, so the next magnetic shock can be expected at any moment. In addition, the Earth’s magnetic field more and more weakened, and with growing speed. If this trend continues, it will soon disappear and the atmosphere.

Even the temporary disappearance of Earth’s magnetic field would lead to complete disappearance of the planet’s atmosphere and, consequently, disappear almost all life on the planet: the strong ion storm from the sun made it. It would be almost instant death of all living things: all die and turn into ashes in seconds.
How to prevent global environmental catastrophe?

Must be preserved in any way the geomagnetic field of the Earth. To do this, Valery Dudyshev begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting proposes to create an artificial geomagnetic field of the planet, to compensate for voltage drop and stabilize the slope of the natural geomagnetic field.

About a year ago, when the first written version of this article, we had very few facts to support this theory. However, less than a year we all witnessed an unusually cold winter in Europe and America, as well as an unusually warm and the ensuing late winter in Russia. This is easily understood if we recall that the South Magnetic Pole of the planet moved from Russia to Canada. However, in the opposite hemisphere summer this year is extremely hot: It was the reason most powerful fires in Australia in early February 2009. We are sure — it is not random phenomena, and links of one chain, the reason that — progressive inversion of the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Time is running out.

Academic Dudyshev calls to unite all: environmentalists, scientists, politicians, businessmen, religious figures, as well as all those for whom the fate of civilization. We are confident that together we will find a way to save civilization, nature and work out measures to save them.

Only together we are a force!

Many «anomalies» in our lives, but nothing like as not proven and therefore not to blame anyone and nothing …

There is no war, and work to simulate the climate for certain weapons in the world are already underway!
About U.S. HAARP project (impact direction of electromagnetic radiation on the ionosphere of the planet) will probably already have thousands of articles on the Internet there.

And like in «okay» …
So there is much to ponder …
And in all cases need a cheap and efficient energy for all!
And it can only give a new Alternative Energy

But some who this development in the energy and the world is probably very nevygodno.Sami judge since whoever owns it — he has a powerful influence on civilization. And while the energy in the world Intermediary controls us, and always one and all! And if everyone can have their own power?
Then it becomes independent of all, it was free!

He will not have to bow to someone and ask for energy or energy. And then it will end the war: no need to choose among many that will become the property of each! In sum, we should repeat the words of Julius Fucik:
People, be vigilant!


  1. Climate, energy, science, politics,

    Dudyshev V.D,
    academic environment
    Russia, Samara



    mob. 8 927 726 23 83

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