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How to quickly and easily «plug» of oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico

How to quickly and easily «plug» of oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico
This formidable underground element-gushing continuously — the second consecutive month-oiler until oil industry experts have submitted to and challenge the whole civilization
Damage from the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. threatens to escalate into a global ecological catastrophe not only for the U.S. but also for neighboring countries
The damage of this disaster is already over billions of dollars and continues to grow rapidly!
While the experts, the oil can not find the correct solution to this problem
And all their previous attempts to resolve it have failed Let’s help together! »
LET think together about how to address this
So how can you quickly and easily you can do it-ever plug this oil well:??
The concept is simple!
Rocket with an anchor on the end — THE WAY TO SALVATION!
Pipe-dextrous long known oilmen — drillers, they take out of the shattered tube wells. The essence of their design-simple — it is taking a pipe — a spacer konstruktsyiey — Seizure type called VOLANCHIK by themselves badminton. It is this same principle should apply to effectively curb the underwater oil gusher
But for this arduous event — to curb the powerful fountain of oil — from oil and high pressure at great depths Mexico simply to refine the principle spears needed here — for such original «spears» «rocket special design-as — at this depth, hard-drive this spear into this deep oil well.
ESSENCE OF TECHNICAL proposals for these
In this oil pipes should be run-a «» cunning «spear» — in the form of realktivnogo projectile with the anchor the spacer unilateral action — at the end
Moreover, pre-focus it-this dynamic shutoff valve precisely into this tube and holding it to initially launch a special robots rocket-liners have a solid steel with a sly wedge-anchor on the end —which allows the projectile to move deeper into the pipe but does not allow him to jump out back from the tube and secure the «wedge»-it inside the hole raspiraya at a certain depth
Inside this tube — well! Here are brief and all!
It turns out — in the end, this quick analysis — and the synthesis of an effective life-saving pad — for the underwater oil well, it generally should be very simple locking device — with a jet propulsion, is very similar to us — long familiar to us device
Well then, if the analogies go get called VOLANCHIK by themselves the type of badminton or even more similar — the elastic contraceptive spiral in the vagina, women only such zapornvya oil «spiral» should be much more durable and should withstand much higher pressures — and insert it should not in the vagina and the underwater oil well-being with a force greater than the pressure of at least ten times the pressure oil flowing to its cut.
What I am wrong :?)))
Waiting for your views and comments
Academic Dudyshev


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