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Swirling jet injector DUDYSHEVA IN ANY CAR

Swirling jet injector DUDYSHEVA IN ANY CAR

Swirling jet DUDYSHEVA
Save up to 20% gasoline
IN ANY CAR Injection

Design Bureau «Nitron developed, tested and successfully mastered serial production of unique economizers new generation — the vortex nozzles for injection of any cars that soon will make your fuel-injected cars and cost-effective and powerful
Swirling jet DUDYSHEVA (WFM) is an analog of the vortex carburetor ecotope and may be successfully applied to any fuel injection car. With a simple design such -4 WFM installed under the fuel injection nozzles of any engine with a maximum of one hour and require no maintenance, durable
Approximate price of one WFM-order p 600
The cost in retail set WFM-4-vortex nozzles 2500r.
Save petrol — up to 20%
In the DIC converter with output Toxicity and up to 30-40% — without
Toxicity ICE WFM — without neutralizer toxicity of exhaust gases is fixed at Evro5
With the staffing converter SH ICE — SH toxicity generally prkticheski zero and not be detected by standard gas analyzers
Increased pickup avtomotora — 20-30%

More whirlpool jets Dudysheva described in the article and shown in the photo here http://shop.energy21.ru/inzhektorniy-vichrevoy-ekotop.html
Vortices in avtomotore
Joined with the ecotope — a vortex device making a homogeneous benzovozdushnoy mixture in the carburetor of internal combustion engine. For gasoline engines, we sell them, Ecotopia successfully for over 5 years http://shop.energy21.ru/ https://ecomobile.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/iterv_ekotop/
Joined with the ecotope-unique development of domestic scientists and engineers under the supervision of academician Dudysheva patented back in 1998 joined with the ecotope basically has no analogues in the world, designed to overcome shortcomings of the carburetor on the quality of cooking benzovozdushnoy mixture and its dosage. It has been designed, certified, mastered and produced by us long series in Samara.
For more information but it can be read, for example, there
How it works and what makes the vortex joined with the ecotope avtomotoru
Joined with the ecotope is not some miracle and another «deception». This is simply the result of effective use of laws aero-and hydrodynamics. The quality of preparation benzovozdushnaya mixture with exit ecotope close to the fuel gas. Due to more complete combustion and more accurate dosing benzovozdushnoy mixtures prepared ecotypes, depending on the load on the engine, increasing efficiency engine, resulting in:
Increased power, reduced fuel consumption, significantly reduced the toxicity of exhaust gases (CO, CH).
The greater engine capacity, the more savings. For example: car VAZ fuel economy is around 12-15%, car GAZELLE about 20-25%, and car GAZ-53 fuel economy is around 30%.
At one time, after the engine with forced injection, in the automotive industry was considered unpromising further work on the carburetor. Application ecotope proves that carb reserves are far from exhausted for the improvement of energy and dynamics of a petrol engine and allows not only to «bring» but also drastically improved (upgrade) carburetor engine, while retaining its prospects, given the relative cheapness and reliability of operation, compared with the system forced injection (injection engines). This is especially true for the vast majority of operating in Russia gasoline vehicles and the degree of service.
VORTEX joined with the ecotope FOR ANY CAR Injection
He made us very original and just as it is in the form of vortex nozzles for regular fuel injectors
Since at present essentially already the world’s fleet of the injections and Russia is many times the park gasoline cars, we have developed, tested and mastered in the series and.
At the core of the vortex injection ecotope laid swirling jet Dudysheva (WFM)

Whirlpool jet Dudysheva (WFM) is a further development of the vortex structure ecotope and miniaturization and combining it with regular toplivnfmi nozzles in a single meaningful unit
For fuel-injected motors WFM represents a fairly simple device is a vortex-vortex nozzle aluminum alloy (with no moving parts), which is installed in the staffing holes for fuel injector body intake manifold, into which is inserted into a standard fuel injector.
Gallery of show for example here:
In other words, VFD_predstavlyaet him swirl sleeve which is installed at each regular fuel injector and thereby somewhat lifts the standard fuel nozzle (only a few mm) above the intake manifold injection engines.
Design features and installing WFM
any injection engine
Since FTF constructively placed between regular fuel injector and intake manifold — then for its installation, you must first lift the toplitvnuyu ramp engine. She (WFM) is equipped with a tangential inlet for the controlled suction-feeding dosed volume of air and water for the vortex mixing it with fuel and take off portions of the nozzle of a regular fuel injection nozzle engine. Zest of much use WFM for fuel economy of any injection engine is the effective vortex splitting the fuel droplets and mixed with additional air and water immediately before putting them into the combustion chamber This effect is strong homogenization of the fuel mixture is achieved due to the large difference in the velocities of air and fuel flows, as well as multi-stage atomization and homogenization benzovozdushnoy mixture in a WFM.
The simplicity of design in its implementation — of the principle of vortex allowed to exclude the use of his design of moving parts, ensuring reliability and durability of his work. Plugging of WFM is practically impossible, because its minimum flow areas exceeds the cross section of the nozzles of fuel injectors, which in turn excludes them additional services As a result, more complete combustion and more accurate dosing benzovozdushnoy mixture, the use of WFM improves the performance of the conventional vehicle:
— Increased engine power;
— Reduces fuel consumption;
— Running the engine becomes more elastic, which allows to move to higher gear at lower speeds the car, and use low-grade gasoline without detonation manifestation of the effect (the sound of fingers);
— Reduces toxic exhaust emissions.
— Significantly improves traction characteristics;
— Increased engine power (up to 12%);
\ — Allows you to save fuel (20%) — Allows the use of low-grade gasoline.
Using WFM together with additional literate tuning injection engines (universal activator of fuel and spark-gun) can further increase the engine power and improve the dynamics of the car without increasing fuel consumption.
The first thing you feel when installed in the fuel-injected engine of the WFM, is that the gasoline engine has to work softer
Improved traction characteristics manifested in the fact that a car at lower speeds (compared to the factory option) will be able to move to higher transmission. For example, a / m injection 8-valve WHA confidently, without overloading the engine picks up speed in fifth gear from 60 km / h. The quality of preparation of benzene-air mixture is so high that the engine is insensitive to low-quality gasoline. When moving at a constant speed to maintain the speed limit you need is a slight press on the gas pedal, the engine will be flexible and obedient. If the installation of WFM uses gas analyzer, it is immediately evident that the CO and CH are sharply reduced in all modes of operation of the engine that, with improved traction characteristics indicates less fuel. After installation, WFM, you will soon learn to feel and experience Body, which reserves have been hidden in your car. The engine capacity increases (up to 12%) Dynamics of dispersal improved maximum speed increases fuel consumption is reduced (20%), exhaust gas toxicity reduces the use of low-grade fuels are allowed. Lifetime WFM is not limited
Service WFM is not required
The rules engine and the engine as recommended by the manufacturer
Further tuning of the fuel system with WFM is entirely permissible
Setup time for WFM injection engines no more than 1 hour.
Approximate retail value of 2,500 p.
Available WFM appear throughout the CIS has a couple of months.
Other avtonovinki described with photos and prices here http://shop.energy21.ru/
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2. Patents Dudysheva V.D.po avtonovinkam http://new-energy21.ru/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=76&Itemid=128
3. The main site for avtonovinkam Dudysheva http://shop.energy21.ru/
4. Website development https://ecomobile.wordpress.com/
5. The revolution in auto engines from academic Dudysheva — *, fundamental article «http://new-energy21.ru/ustroystva-ekonomii-benzina/revolyutsiya-v-teplovyih-motorah-3-h-kratnaya-ekonomiya-topliva.-russkiy- turbonadduv.html
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9. How to order and purchase our avtonovinki http://new-energy21.ru/ustroystva-ekonomii-benzina/kak-zakazat-i-priobresti-nashi-avtonovinki.html



  1. …………
    The photo of the computer model ecotope

    Joined with the ecotope – a device that improves the following features:

    Fuel economy (especially in «urban» mode, up to 30%)
    Significant increase in capacity (up to 40%)
    Efficient purification of the combustion chamber and an increase
    the life of the heat engine of the car.
    Improvement on environmental and toxicity
    Exhaust ICE (in 8-15 times, the rate of exhaust Evro2)

    In Russia, developed, patented and tested a simple and effective method of saving fuel engine vehicles (10-15%). At the same time, it allows for the implementation of simple vortex mixing devices to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gas from motor vehicles in dozens of times.

    Transport – the main culprit of toxic air pollution in cities, because that road transportation of cargo and passengers in the cities – the most widespread and popular. However, modern petrol engine cars are not only extremely imperfect from the standpoint of ecology, but also primitive for energy indicators. It has the efficiency only about 20%, and because fuel now cheap, and ever more expensive, then the fuel inefficiency of motors becomes a real devastation, not only for car owners, all but for us. Because the cost of expensive freight transport cargo and passengers – these are our daily expenses.

    Despite the large number of patents, developments in fuel economy and emissions control, the modern car is still far from the energy and environmental excellence. And the ecology of our cars is so bad that has already created severe environmental situation of air pollution virtually all cities in Russia. But for several reasons, factory – avtomotorov no hurry to improve. And the vehicles are still literally ruins all of us because of its extreme imperfection. And still for this fuel «voracity» cars have to pay us, ordinary citizens. But there is a simple solution to all problems – joined with the ecotope. All information on Ecotopia is collected below.

    enlarge photo
    1. What is the reason Imperfection MOTORS TRANSPORT

    2.OSNOVNYE STAGES Creation and formation of «Ecotopia»


    4. DESCRIPTION Simple design Ecotopia.



    7. MODERNIZATION Vortex Homogenizer TIPAEKOTOP



    10. Electrification of the fuel assemblies and the introduction of water in the intake tract ICE



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