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Dudyshev V.D.
its geomagnetic field and the centers of a cold of the natural machine of a planet the Earth are located On its geomagnetic poles 10. In
Сохраненная копия Другие страницы с сайта That is : WORL`s FLOOD (in 100 years) And APOCALIPSIS PLANETS (in 200 years)
(Global accident of a planet not avoid if urgently to not accept measures!)
The academician of ecology, doc. Dudyshev V.D.
In more detail http://www.energy21.ru

My long-term researches of the natural spontaneous phenomena of a planet have led me to following important conclusions:

1. The general conclusion Practically all the abnormal natural phenomena of the Earth are caused by abnormal changes of parameters of the Sun
(For example, solar flashes and inversion of a geomagnetic field of the Sun)
2.Главной the reason of coming nearer global cataclysms: the Flood and Apocalypse planets is begun
Inversion of a geomagnetic field of the Earth (ГМПЗ).

3. The reason of inversion ГМПЗ is already taken place inversion of heliomagnetic fields of the Sun (revolution of magnetic poles of the Sun)

4. Existence of inversions geomagnetic Field of Earth (ГМПЗ) in history of a planet is already proved. They follows at once inversion of heliomagnetic fields of the Sun,
b they are stretched in time and proceeds about two centuries.

5. One of the important consequences of inversion of Geo Magnetic Field of Earth (ГМПЗ) is the Flood, as consequence of global warming of a climate.

6. Global warming a climate is caused by change of position of magnetic poles of a planet and simultaneously, essential
Decrease in intensity of Geomagnetic Field of Earth (ГМПЗ), during its inversion that attracts easing and a time suspension of work natural
Geomagnetic “ machines of a cold ” planets.
7. Up to the next Flood of a planet remains less than 100 years.

8. Up to the next Apocalypse remains no more than 200 years.

9. Apocalypse and earlier repeatedly occurred on our planet.

9.For stay and elimination of the Flood on a planet it is necessary to restore and stabilize intensity
ГМПЗ at a demanded level.

10. Behind the Flood there comes the Apocalypse (destruction of a civilization) planets.

11.Stage developments of the Apocalypse: the Flood, earthquakes, a tsunami, hurricanes, eruptions of volcanoes.

12.В process of inversion ГМПЗ the planet is braked.

13. The number of the elements accrues, and at transition of magnetic poles through equator disappear Magnetosphere,
Ionosphere and Atmosphere of a planet that conducts to destruction almost all alive on a planet.

14. After the Apocalypse the planet will rotate in other party.

15.Bit by bit, after the Apocalypse the water level of the World ocean will start to decrease and again to appear Magnitosphere, the Ionosphere
and an atmosphere. The Earth will start to accelerate the rotation, natural “ the machine of a cold ” again will earn.

14.For the civilization should unite rescue from the Flood and the Apocalypse urgently intellectual,
Information and material resources.

15. A radical way of rescue of a civilization from a coming nearer global accident: the Flood and the Apocalypse-

16. The target program of the United Nations on rescue of a geomagnetic field of the Planet for all period of inversion ГМПЗ is necessary.

16. The methods offered by the United Nations — will not eliminate the Flood and the Apocalypse.
Offered known organizational methods of stay of global warming, including offered by Kiot’s one.
The agreement: entered quotas of the countries on air of an atmosphere, on quantities of burning of hydrocarbons and other traditional
Ecological technologies in conditions of a coming nearer global Flood are inefficient. They do not eliminate main
The reason of Global warming of the Climate – inversion of Geomagnetic Field of Earth(ГМПЗ).

17. Offered methods of stay of global warming a climate by creation of blacking out screens around of a planet in
Conditions approach of the Global Flood are inefficient because do not eliminate its main reason — inversion

18. The author continues active work above the Uniform Theory of the Natural phenomena, its consequences and new technologies on
To prevention of the spontaneous phenomena and the World accident.

19.Author as a solid creative reserve on the newest technologies, methods and devices of prevention of the Flood and

20. The author is ready to cooperate on mutually useful conditions with all interested organizations and private persons on
The uniform Theory of the abnormal natural phenomena of a planet, and also on research, approbation and joint patenting of these
New technologies.
21. The author thankful in advance for your responses, critical remarks under its Uniform theory of the Natural phenomena of a planet and for
Constructive development of these new views on Uniform essence of all natural phenomena of a planet the Earth.



Dudyshev V.D. of 11/20/2007 15:11
The academician of ecology, д.т.н. Дудышев В.Д,
In more detail http://www.energy21.ru

The natural phenomena of a planet.
Essence and interrelation

The natural phenomena while a science on a-essence not studied yet. The natural spontaneous phenomena on-former are not subject to a civilization
And annually cause a huge multi-billion material loss to the countries and incalculable sufferings to millions people on
To planet.. The Problem of studying of the natural phenomena of a planet and management of the Elements is key in ecology and
Natural sciences
It is paradoxical, but the fact, as in 21 century while scientists and experts in the world plainly till now deeply do not understand many
The natural phenomena of a planet, including the reason of rotation of a planet, global circulation of an atmosphere and oceanic waters,
Magnetic storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, the tornado and is a lot of another. There is no full clearness and with the true reasons of formation
Weathers and the Climate of a planet. For example, all old hypotheses about the Natural phenomena, in particular on an explanation of rotation of a planet,
Cyclic ties of alternation of seasons on a planet, and many others have already morally become outdated, and there were many saved up facts,
Which do not keep within frameworks of former outlook. Especially while numerous and deep interrelations are not clear
The natural phenomena and their original cause. Orbital scientifically-practical astronautics and space astronomy, modern
The geophysics and comparative planetology have already given scientists and to experts in these areas of natural sciences much
Valuable practical, enough the exact information on geophysics a climate and weather on a planet quantitative practical
Material about their essential and numerous interrelations. But … but this huge saved up by many experts different
Structures and scientific schools — the new skilled information on our planet and its environments still should be systematized and comprehended
From the uniform point of view .Также as in due time as a result of ordering many facts in chemistry it has been created Periodic
System of elements genius Mendeleev D.I. In
The genius the-seer and the researcher huge helio–terrestrial interrelations was our brilliant scientist-compatriot
-Academician A.L.Chizhevsky . However it only has slightly opened a veil above this great secret. And only me and professor Kopylov
I.P. have conducted versatile basic researches of this of interrelations of a planet and the Sun.
For finding-out of an original cause of all natural phenomena of our planet above all this sea of the saved up facts the Genius is necessary
,Understanding language of the Nature
To understand an essence and interrelation of the natural phenomena of a planet essentially new point of view on all natural is necessary
The phenomena as parts of one circuit leading to the Sun and in the center of the Universe. It is necessary to understand clearly in the beginning the mechanism of work Solar
Systems, one of which also is our planet for reduction of all of this saved up knowledge system for creation Uniform
Theories Natural the phenomenon of a planet. The Sun results all solar system in rotation! .Ниже I formulate the cores
The laws of these major interrelations opened by me which also are incorporated by me in a basis of the Uniform Theory of the Natural phenomena
Our planet
Quite clearly that, while such uniform theory of the Natural phenomena of a planet still is not present and in a mine and for this reason so it is difficult
To experts and scientists studying our planet. From a position of different disciplines – to understand each other and to speak in one language.
While many sciences about the ground are still separated and based frequently on the different bases and different sections of physics, while
The nature is uniform, and all the natural phenomena on our planet-are interconnected This separation of sciences about the Earth — one of the reasons
That while it is difficult to scientific-scientists and experts to predict the abnormal and spontaneous phenomena and while
In general it is impossible to reduce consequences and to tame elements. Separation, absence of systemic approach, and small depth of knowledge about
Planet and its phenomena do not allow while to meteorologists to do long-term weather forecasts, to climatologists — to predict
Change of a climate, and to seismologists and volcanologists while is rather problematic to predict these terrible phenomena precisely
–Earthquakes and eruption of volcanoes..
And SIMULTANEOUSLY the-motor the GENERATOR (the reference to my clause)
Really, for a long time it is known, that the Earth possesses also magnetic and electric we weed, and electric currents proceed in
Its all spheres And the Earth receives a significant part of a natural electric current in the form of a solar wind from
The sun. However rather recently by me it is proved that all these processes are interconnected, and that a planet the Earth-electromechanical
transformer of energy of the Sun. Our planet is connected with the Sun magnetic and electric we weed – forming with it uniform
Natural magneto-electric and simultaneously, uniform electromechanical system.
In more detail I consider this opening in published clauses and in section of Opening
This fundamental opening has appeared a key for understanding of the Nature of a planet and for finding-out of an original cause of all by me
The natural phenomena. Their hierarchies and their important interrelations « the Planet-it the natural space electric machine «
This opening and its numerous consequences have allowed me to create as a whole the Uniform theory of the Natural phenomena of a planet.
And your obedient servant — the author of this site has taken a great interest in secrets and search of an explanation of the true reasons and interrelations natural
The phenomena of a planet from a uniform position rather for a long time and already in current more than 20 years are engaged in development and creation such Uniform
The theory of the Natural phenomena of a planet. And first clause on this interesting theme I and called it -« the Earth – electric
The machine « also has published it still in 1984 г in « Techniques of youth » 11/84. Naturally, for these long years, at me
The interesting material on the given research about which I and tell here in already before published has collected a lot of
Several clauses in this section of a site.
The most general conclusions which have laid down in a basis of the Uniform theory of the Natural Phenomena on the basis of my long-term research
The natural phenomena of the Planet the following are:
1. The Earth – the natural uniypolar electric machine in axial rotation and a rotor of the unipolar electric machine at it
Orbital rotation around of the Sun

2.Вся energy of the Sun the Earth acting to a planet acts and « is finishing” and is acquired » by her in the different ways and different
Spheres of a planet from the Sun, including thermal, electromagnetic, radiant energy and energy natural
Electricity of Sun-it is solar plasma (a solar wind), and solar plasma is grasped initially magnetic
Traps of geomagnetosphere of planets and then «is finishing» in an ionosphere of a planet and its other environments.
3. A geomagnetic field of a planet and its magnetosphere are rigidly linked by power magnetic lines to a magnetic field and magnetic
Power lines of the Sun, and the planet rotates as the unipolar electric machine about the axis in it
Rather motionless in space a geomagnetic floor. And simultaneously, rotates as a rotor of other unipolar
The electric machine, STATOR which the Sun – around of the Sun is
4. The initial reason of a natural electricity of a planet and existence of planetary almost spherical electric field
The Earth consists in continuous work near-the-planet’s MAGNETO-GASEDYNAMICAL generators working in near-the-planet
Space of our planet, HETERONOMIC charges of solar plasma sorting a stream in a geomagnetic floor with formation
Natural spherical near-the-planet electric condensers.
Continuously in near-the-planet space work a little natural MAGNETOGASEDYNAMICAL electric generators
The huge capacity, surpassing on many orders capacity of all power stations of the world. Together taken.
the MAGNETO-GASE-DYNAMICAL effect of the Hall also generates occurrence of radiating belts a planet and its ionospheres and is responsible for
Existence of an electric field of a planet and for renewal of a natural electricity, natural magnetism and all
Spectrum of the Natural phenomena of a planet
5. These various kinds of energy the Sun acting in near-the-planet space and on a surface of a planet and
The natural phenomena of our planet are responsible for all
6. The electric power IS FINISHING in internal layers of the Earth from an ionosphere of a planet and its radiating belts electromagnetic and
Electrodynamic in the ways
7.Глобальные circulation of waters in the World ocean in the form of oceanic currents and global circulation of an atmosphere of a planet are
Consequence of work OF the natural MANYROTORAL unipolar electric machine
8.Cyclic seasons on a planet are caused by geomagnetism of a planet and its natural electricity.
9. The natural machine of a cold of a planet-it its geomagnetic field and the centers of a cold of the natural machine of a planet the Earth are located
On its geomagnetic poles
10. In process of steady decrease in intensity of a geomagnetic field of the Earth which for last 400 years has decreased twice
,The climate of a planet and further will be worming. This global inverse geomagnetic space reason also is main
The reason of global warming on a planet, and not so ecological technogenic reasons, including a hotbed effect, as
Wrongly and till now many scientists consider Their influence on global process of warming is insignificant is small.
11. Owing to inversion of a magnetic field of the Sun has begun also inversions of a geomagnetic field of the Earth. Consequence of this global
The phenomena there will be a next Flood. What output??????????? … … … ….
12. Surpluses electromagnetic, and electric energy acting in magnetosphere and an ionosphere of the Planet from the Sun, and
Further acting inside of a planet also cause on a chain, since geomagnetic storms all the other spontaneous phenomena of a planet
13. The main method of decrease in capacity and frequency of the spontaneous phenomena is stabilization in dynamics of energy
of magnetosphere both ionospheres of a planet and use of surpluses of this energy during the periods of Solar activity by its selection and
Transformations by various offered methods with the subsequent it with a view of World power

3. In “2.” You have read next one:
4. Dusdyshev, Valerij Dmitrievich has concluded that when (as a result of flip of hundred-hundred twenty years ago Sun’s Electro-Magnetic Poles) — the Earth’s Poles will gradually achieve Earth’s equator — then the Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Field threaten to disappear and to cease do feed Natural Geomagnetic Machine of Cold of Earth. It is threaten to disappear if(!)
5. you, reading this letter, will not transfer it to Scientists of Paris University VII of Denis Diderot to unite all efforts of scientists, engineers, politicians forces for creating, assembling, building artificial electromagnetic poles by encircling (ENCIRCLE) the initial geographical points of earth’s Magnetic Poles with superconductive wires with flowing through them High Voltage Electric Current.
6.I ask scientists whom I address this letter to response to my address gher000@umn.edu and to Dudyshev’s one
Дудышев Валерий .



  1. Dear readers!
    All greetings!
    I think that on – after perusal of considering and studying of articles and theories of Dudysheva concerning the future Apocalypse – there will be no indifferent people. And all is that about what writes – About a fast Doomsday – can quite become a reality.
    All scientists, public figures, politicians and thinking socially active people – should realise huge danger of such development of catastrophic climatic and geophysical events on our planet and actively to get into gear on rescue of our planet and actively to help scientists to inform this important information to all. And mass media first of all can help with this important issue
    Who is warned – that armed.
    We have enough similar preventions and many other scientists-physicists from every corner of the globe.
    Consolidation healthy is necessary and a creative power of a society of all countries – of all civilisation round group of large talented scientists which in details study and understand essence – true causes and effects of the begun global inversion of a geomagnetic field of a planet for destiny of a civilisation. The reason global потелпления planets – which scientists of many countries – most likely not in technogenic factors in прогресисирующей persistently search for inversions of a geomagnetic field of a planet
    It is necessary to create urgently a centre of science with participation of outstanding scientists of world value for the analysis of the given multidimensional problem and development of the most important measures on Apocalypse prevention
    And it first of all should make – more likely the all-international SUMMIT!!!!!!!
    And THIS ARTICLE FOR CONSIDERATION it is necessary to TRANSFER URGENTLY In PARLIAMENTS of MANY COUNTRIES And TELEVISION STUDIOS of the WORLD And In the United Nations in соотвествующие its commissions planets investigating global warming.
    Let’s rescue a civilisation
    And a planet together!.
    THE WRITER 6. О5. 2010

  2. Dudyshev VD
    Earth — the natural electric machine
    This is a basic article about the sensational science discovery Russian scientists, who devoted his article first published in 1984 in the journal «Technology, Youth 11-84 and then revised, expanded and published them in the magazine» New Energy «2003
    It can be read from the electronic form here

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